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  1. CRUZ-MARTIN v. DEP’T OF HOMELAND SECURITY – Defending due process for government employees

    December 18, 2020CaseDue Process/Procedural Rights, Government Employees' Rights
  2. Hinton v. District of Columbia – Challenging Department of Corrections’ Policy of Discriminatorily Housing Transgender Individuals Based on “Anatomy” Rather Than Gender Identity

    May 11, 2021CaseEqual Protection/Discrimination, LGBT Rights, Criminal Justice Reform

    March 18, 2021Page
  4. Afghan Refugees Are Welcome Here

    August 27, 2021News update
  5. Veronica Mosqueda

    September 8, 2021Biography
  6. Staff

    November 21, 2016Listing Page
  7. Suzanne Ito

    February 5, 2018Biography
  8. Amber Taylor

    September 8, 2021Biography
  9. ACLU-DC, Public Defender Service File Discrimination Case Against D.C. Jail for Housing Trans Woman in Men’s Unit

    May 11, 2021Press releaseEqual Protection/Discrimination, LGBT Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  10. 2021 Membership Meeting

    September 29, 2021Event