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  1. Grace v. Barr - Challenge to Trump Administration’s Narrow Interpretation of Asylum Law

    August 7, 2018CaseImmigrants' Rights, Due Process/Procedural Rights
  2. Hassoun v. Searles – challenging indefinite detention without due process

    July 13, 2020CaseImmigrants' Rights, Due Process/Procedural Rights, National Security/War on Terror
  3. Texas Civil Rights Project v. Wolf -- Defending due process rights for children seeking refuge in U.S. during COVID19 pandemic

    July 24, 2020CaseDue Process/Procedural Rights, Immigrants' Rights, Youth/Childrens' Rights
  4. Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center v. Wolf - Challenging Denial of Immigrants’ Access to Counsel

    December 5, 2019CaseImmigrants' Rights, Due Process/Procedural Rights, Racial Justice
  5. Jones v. Kirchner

    January 2, 2013CaseDue Process/Procedural Rights, Privacy
  6. Weir v. United States - Challenging Inhumane Detention Conditions and Property Destruction by U.S. Coast Guard

    July 11, 2019CasePrivacy, Due Process/Procedural Rights
  7. Federal Court Temporarily Blocks Deportation of Asylum Seekers Challenging Administration Policies

    August 9, 2018Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Due Process/Procedural Rights
  8. Costa v. Bazron - Challenging Conditions at St. Elizabeths Hospital During Month-Long Water Outage and COVID-19 Crisis

    April 16, 2020CaseDisability Rights, Due Process/Procedural Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  9. ACLU Demands DC Lift Ban Against Public-Housing Activist

    November 3, 2016Press releaseDue Process/Procedural Rights, Freedom of Speech and Association
  10. Chebli v. Kable – Arab-American put on No-Fly List for refusing to become FBI informant

    April 6, 2021CaseDue Process/Procedural Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination, Freedom of Speech and Association, Religious Liberty