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  1. ACLU v. Federal Bureau of Prisons

    August 25, 2020CaseCriminal Justice Reform
  2. Price v. Gupton - Challenging Warrantless Search of Residential Property Belonging to Mother Whose Son Had Just Been Killed by D.C. Police

    April 29, 2019CasePolice Practices and Police Misconduct, Criminal Justice Reform
  3. Costa v. Bazron - Challenging Conditions at St. Elizabeths Hospital During Month-Long Water Outage and COVID-19 Crisis

    April 16, 2020CaseDisability Rights, Due Process/Procedural Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  4. ACLU-DC v. District of Columbia – Challenging D.C. Police’s Failure to Release Stop-and-Frisk Data

    February 16, 2021CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices and Police Misconduct, Racial Justice
  5. Horse v. District of Columbia - Challenging Mass Arrests, Excessive Force, and Unconstitutional Detention Conditions as to Anti-Inaguration Demonstrators

    June 21, 2017CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Freedom of Speech and Association, Police Practices and Police Misconduct
  6. ACLU v. DHS - FOIA re: Hunger Strike Documents from the Bureau of Prisons

    July 11, 2019CaseCriminal Justice Reform
  7. Banks v. Booth - Challenging Life-Threatening Lack of COVID-19 Precautions at the D.C. Jail

    March 30, 2020CaseCriminal Justice Reform
  8. Dashtamirova v. United States

    October 1, 2020CaseFreedom of Speech and Association, Criminal Justice Reform, National Security/War on Terror
  9. Hinton v. District of Columbia – Challenging Department of Corrections’ Policy of Discriminatorily Housing Transgender Individuals Based on “Anatomy” Rather Than Gender Identity

    May 11, 2021CaseEqual Protection/Discrimination, LGBT Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  10. Young Freedom of Information Act Requests

    April 29, 2021CasePolice Practices and Police Misconduct, Criminal Justice Reform