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  1. Barber v. District of Columbia - Defending Employment Rights of a Medical Marijuana Patient

    October 4, 2019CaseDisability Rights, Privacy, Government Employees' Rights
  2. Gordon v. United States - Enforcement of the Equal Pay Act to Eliminate Sex-Based Pay Disparity

    October 31, 2018CaseWomen's Rights/Gender Equity, Government Employees' Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  3. United States v. Mitchell - Challenging Search Of Electronic Device

    May 18, 2017CasePrivacy, Government Employees' Rights
  4. Armstrong v. Thompson - Defending Whistleblower’s Rights

    December 31, 2016CaseFreedom of Speech and Association, Government Employees' Rights
  5. Ortiz-Diaz v. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Challenging Denial of Federal Employee’s Lateral Transfer Request Based on Race

    September 16, 2016CaseRacial Justice, Government Employees' Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  6. Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington v. District of Columbia - Challenging Suspicionless Teacher Drug Testing

    September 6, 2016CasePrivacy, Government Employees' Rights
  7. Appeals Court Rules Hispanic Federal Employee Can Sue for Discriminatory Transfer Decision Under Federal Employment Law

    August 15, 2017Press releaseGovernment Employees' Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  8. Civil Rights Groups File Brief in Support of Equal Pay Act Case Against VA Medical Center

    October 31, 2018Press releaseWomen's Rights/Gender Equity, Equal Protection/Discrimination, Government Employees' Rights
  9. Guffey v. Duff - Defending Political Speech and Association Rights of Administrative Employees of the Federal Court System

    May 31, 2018CaseFreedom of Speech and Association, Government Employees' Rights
  10. Kirton v. Mayorkas – Challenging Overly an Narrow Interpretation of Federal Employment Discrimination Law

    May 12, 2021CaseEqual Protection/Discrimination, Racial Justice, Government Employees' Rights