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  1. YoungBey v. District of Columbia

    December 22, 2008CasePolice Practices and Police Misconduct
  2. Jawad v. Obama

    January 1, 2009CaseNational Security/War on Terror
  3. Wood, Tanya

    January 1, 2009CaseGovernment Employees' Rights, Religious Liberty
  4. Flex Your Rights / WMATA

    January 7, 2009CaseFreedom of Speech and Association
  5. Dr. B

    May 1, 2009CaseReligious Liberty, Government Employees' Rights
  6. Bierfeldt v. Napolitano

    June 18, 2009CasePrivacy, National Security/War on Terror
  7. Doe v. Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency

    June 29, 2009CasePrivacy, Due Process/Procedural Rights
  8. Busking on the Mall

    March 5, 2010CaseFreedom of Speech and Association
  9. Tuma v. District of Columbia

    July 23, 2010CasePolice Practices and Police Misconduct, Freedom of Speech and Association
  10. ACLU v. Geithner

    August 1, 2010CaseNational Security/War on Terror, Due Process/Procedural Rights