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  1. ACLU v. Department of Justice

    January 2, 2011CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices and Police Misconduct, Privacy
  2. In re: Opinions and Orders Addressing Bulk Collection of Data Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

    June 10, 2013CaseNational Security/War on Terror, Privacy
  3. United States v. Maynard / United States v. Jones (Antoine)

    October 3, 2011CasePrivacy, Police Practices and Police Misconduct
  4. Klayman v. Obama

    August 30, 2014CasePrivacy, National Security/War on Terror
  5. United States Telecom Association v. Federal Communications Commission

    September 21, 2015CasePrivacy
  6. Jones (Prince) v. United States

    February 24, 2016CasePrivacy, Criminal Justice Reform, Police Practices and Police Misconduct
  7. Coast Guard Seizure FOIA Request

    July 11, 2019CasePrivacy, National Security/War on Terror
  8. Barber v. District of Columbia - Defending Employment Rights of a Medical Marijuana Patient

    October 4, 2019CaseDisability Rights, Privacy, Government Employees' Rights
  9. In the Matter of the Search of Information Associated with Facebook Accounts disruptj20 [etc.] - Defending Political Activists’ Privacy in Their Facebook Accounts

    September 28, 2017CaseFreedom of Speech and Association, Privacy
  10. United States v. Mitchell - Challenging Search Of Electronic Device

    May 18, 2017CasePrivacy, Government Employees' Rights