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  1. ACLU of Southern California v. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

    June 15, 2013CaseEqual Protection/Discrimination, Immigrants' Rights
  2. Singh v. McHugh

    November 2, 2014CaseReligious Liberty, Government Employees' Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  3. Manning v. Carter

    September 15, 2014CaseLGBT Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Equal Protection/Discrimination, Government Employees' Rights
  4. Home Care Association of America v. Weil

    January 2, 2013CaseEqual Protection/Discrimination, Immigrants' Rights, Women's Rights/Gender Equity
  5. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. v. Sebelius

    October 1, 2012CaseReproductive Freedom, Women's Rights/Gender Equity, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  6. Jackson v. D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics

    March 1, 2010CaseLGBT Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  7. Montgomery County v. Glenmont Hills Associates Privacy World at Glenmont Metro Centre

    May 1, 2007CaseEqual Protection/Discrimination
  8. Gordon v. United States - Enforcement of the Equal Pay Act to Eliminate Sex-Based Pay Disparity

    October 31, 2018CaseWomen's Rights/Gender Equity, Government Employees' Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  9. Ortiz-Diaz v. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Challenging Denial of Federal Employee’s Lateral Transfer Request Based on Race

    September 16, 2016CaseRacial Justice, Government Employees' Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  10. National Fair Housing Alliance v. Carson - Defending Regulation Requiring Jurisdictions to Take Affirmative Steps to Promote Fair Housing

    May 8, 2018CaseEqual Protection/Discrimination, Racial Justice