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  1. Lack of Full Statehood Rights Continues to Cause Harm to the Health and Safety of D.C. Residents

    March 22, 2021News updateD.C. Statehood
  2. Surveillance Legislation is on the Horizon!

    April 5, 2021News updatePrivacy, Racial Justice
  3. Three Lessons from J20

    April 26, 2021News updateFreedom of Speech and Association
  4. WMATA’s Police Oversight Theater

    April 27, 2021News updatePolice Practices and Police Misconduct
  5. How President Biden Can Easily Address a Racist Prosecutorial Policy in D.C.

    April 29, 2021News update
  6. 50 Years Ago, D.C. Saw the Largest Mass Arrest in U.S. History, and ACLU Responded

    May 3, 2021News update
  7. The Key to Winning Statehood is Each Other

    April 9, 2021News updateD.C. Statehood, Voting Rights , Racial Justice
  8. Happy 150th Anniversary, Section 1983!

    April 20, 2021News update
  9. What’s in MPD’s “Felon in Possession Project” Folder?

    May 18, 2021News update
  10. A Guide for Formerly Incarcerated D.C. Residents

    May 21, 2021News update