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  1. The Fair Discipline Project

    January 1, 2009CaseYouth/Childrens' Rights, Due Process/Procedural Rights, Disability Rights
  2. Doe v. Rice

    September 1, 2008CaseGovernment Employees' Rights, Disability Rights
  3. Scott v. District of Columbia

    September 1, 2005CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Disability Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  4. Pierce v. District of Columbia

    February 15, 2013CaseDisability Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  5. District of Columbia v. Straus

    September 25, 2009CaseDisability Rights, Youth/Childrens' Rights
  6. In re Alexandra Martel

    October 15, 2009CaseDisability Rights
  7. Barber v. District of Columbia - Defending Employment Rights of a Medical Marijuana Patient

    October 4, 2019CaseDisability Rights, Privacy, Government Employees' Rights
  8. Balcom v. AmeriCorps - Challenging Employment Discrimination Based on Mental-Health Conditions

    October 11, 2017CaseDisability Rights
  9. Costa v. Bazron - Challenging Conditions at St. Elizabeths Hospital During Month-Long Water Outage and COVID-19 Crisis

    April 16, 2020CaseDisability Rights, Due Process/Procedural Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  10. Arthur v. District of Columbia Housing Authority - Asserting Disability Rights Claim For Deaf Public-Housing Tenant Denied Visits from Her Son Because She Couldn’t Hear Her Phone

    August 30, 2018CaseDisability Rights, Police Practices and Police Misconduct