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  1. South Carolina v. United States

    February 24, 2012CaseVoting Rights , Racial Justice
  2. Nix v. Holder (formerly LaRoque v. Holder)

    February 14, 2012CaseVoting Rights , Racial Justice
  3. Northwest Austin Municipal Utility District No. 1 v. Holder

    August 4, 2006CaseVoting Rights , Racial Justice
  4. Arizona v. Holder

    October 1, 2011CaseVoting Rights , Racial Justice
  5. Georgia v. Holder

    June 1, 2010CaseVoting Rights , Racial Justice
  6. Florida v. United States

    August 30, 2011CaseVoting Rights , Racial Justice, Immigrants' Rights
  7. Price v. Bailey

    April 14, 2013CaseRacial Justice, Youth/Childrens' Rights, Criminal Legal Reform
  8. Fretes-Zarate v. United States

    June 12, 2012CaseDue Process/Procedural Rights, Racial Justice, Immigrants' Rights, Women's Rights/Gender Equity
  9. Cottingham v. Lojacono - Challenging Unjustified, Sexually Invasive Search by Police During Stop and Frisk

    July 18, 2018CaseRacial Justice, Police Practices and Police Misconduct, Criminal Legal Reform
  10. Black Lives Matter-DC v. Bowser - Enforcing D.C. Law’s Stop-And-Frisk Data Collection Requirement that D.C. Police Had Refused to Implement

    May 8, 2018CaseCriminal Legal Reform, Police Practices and Police Misconduct, Racial Justice