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  1. In the Matter of the Search of Information Associated with Facebook Accounts disruptj20 [etc.] - Defending Political Activists’ Privacy in Their Facebook Accounts

    September 28, 2017CaseFreedom of Speech and Association, Privacy
  2. United States v. Mitchell - Challenging Search Of Electronic Device

    May 18, 2017CasePrivacy, Government Employees' Rights
  3. Hunter v. Rogers - Challenging Warrantless Arrest of Trans Activist

    February 28, 2017CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices and Police Misconduct, Privacy
  4. McComb v. Ross - Challenging Sexually Invasive Search by D.C. Police

    January 14, 2017CasePolice Practices and Police Misconduct, Criminal Justice Reform, Privacy
  5. Payne-Jones v. D.C. Taxicab Commission - Challenging Law Enforcement Stop of Vehicle-for-Hire Without Suspicion of Wrongdoing

    July 28, 2017CasePrivacy, Racial Justice