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  1. Matter of J.M.

    January 1, 2008CaseLGBT Rights, National Security/War on Terror, Government Employees' Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  2. Schroer v. Billington

    July 1, 2007CaseLGBT Rights, Government Employees' Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  3. Manning v. Carter

    September 15, 2014CaseLGBT Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Equal Protection/Discrimination, Government Employees' Rights
  4. Jackson v. D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics

    March 1, 2010CaseLGBT Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination
  5. Hinton v. District of Columbia – Challenging Department of Corrections’ Policy of Discriminatorily Housing Transgender Individuals Based on “Anatomy” Rather Than Gender Identity

    May 11, 2021CaseEqual Protection/Discrimination, LGBT Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  6. Jones v. District of Columbia

    November 17, 2021CaseDisability Rights, Equal Protection/Discrimination, Government Employees' Rights, LGBT Rights