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  1. Coast Guard Seizure FOIA Request

    July 11, 2019CasePrivacy, National Security/War on Terror
  2. Barber v. District of Columbia - Defending Employment Rights of a Medical Marijuana Patient

    October 4, 2019CaseDisability Rights, Privacy, Government Employees' Rights
  3. Iancu v. Brunetti - Protecting First Amendment Rights in Trademark Law

    July 11, 2019CaseFreedom of Speech and Association
  4. District of Columbia v. Johnson - Defending Protestor’s First Amendment Right to Burn the U.S. Flag

    July 4, 2019CaseFreedom of Speech and Association
  5. ACLU v. DHS - FOIA re: Hunger Strike Documents from the Bureau of Prisons

    July 11, 2019CaseCriminal Justice Reform
  6. Ullah v. CIA - FOIA Re: CIA Torture Victim Gul Rahman

    July 11, 2019CaseNational Security/War on Terror
  7. Baxter v. Bracey - Challenge to Qualified Immunity Doctrine, Which Shields Officials from Accountability When They Violate the Constitution

    April 8, 2019CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices and Police Misconduct
  8. Make the Road New York v. McAleenan - Challenge to Trump Administration Expansion of “Expedited Removal” for Immigrants

    August 6, 2019CaseImmigrants' Rights, Due Process/Procedural Rights, Racial Justice
  9. Blades v. United States - Asserting Public Right of Access to Full Jury-Selection Proceedings in Criminal Trials

    July 11, 2019CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Freedom of Speech and Association
  10. I.A. v. Barr - Challenge to Trump Administration Limitation on Asylum for Migrants Passing Through Another Country en route to the U.S.

    August 21, 2019CaseImmigrants' Rights, Due Process/Procedural Rights, Racial Justice