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  1. ACLU-NCA Asks Judiciary Committee Chair to Introduce Legislation

    September 6, 2010News updateDue Process/Procedural Rights
  2. Mendelson Bill Would Have Local Judges Appointed Locally

    September 6, 2010News updateDue Process/Procedural Rights
  3. ACLU-NCA Says Fenty Administration Anti-Crime Initiatives Trample Rights and Fail to Prevent Crime

    September 6, 2010News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Due Process/Procedural Rights
  4. ACLU-DC Files Amicus Brief in Prince Jones v. United States

    February 25, 2016News updateDue Process/Procedural Rights, Privacy
  5. ACLU-DC Files Amicus Brief in the D.C. Circuit in Yassin Aref v. Loretta Lynch

    November 9, 2015News updateFreedom of Speech and Association, Due Process/Procedural Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  6. Athena Viscusi

    October 1, 2014CaseDue Process/Procedural Rights
  7. Makky v. Chertoff

    January 1, 2005CaseImmigrants' Rights, Government Employees' Rights, National Security/War on Terror, Equal Protection/Discrimination, Due Process/Procedural Rights
  8. Parker v. Walker

    November 1, 2007CaseDue Process/Procedural Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Police Practices and Police Misconduct
  9. Bill 22-0021, the "Sexual Abuse Statute of Limitations Elimination Amendment Act of 2017" and Bill 22-0028, the "Childhood Protection Against Sexual Abuse Amendment Act of 2017”

    June 15, 2017LegislationDue Process/Procedural Rights
  10. Partington v. Houck

    August 24, 2012CaseDue Process/Procedural Rights