Say no to abuse of power in D.C. - Amend the Secure D.C. Act

We deserve to be safe from crime and from abuse of power.

But the D.C. Council is now considering a bill whose provisions would put both our safety and our rights at risk. Among other measures, the Secure DC Act would give inappropriate powers to police and enable police harassment. These provisions include:

  • Allowing police to stop people in masks and face-coverings simply because an officer suspects bad behavior.

  • Establishing failed and ineffective “drug-free” zones that open the door for police officers to harass people and violate our rights.

  • Eroding the separation of powers that provides critical checks and balances to our justice system.

Allowing officers to escape accountability and to harass people will not make D.C. safer. These types of provisions are not “public safety” solutions; they are measures that open the door for abuse of power.

Here's what you can do to urge the D.C. Council to say NO to abuse of power.

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