Today, President Biden vetoed H.J. Res. 42, the congressional resolution that would have overturned D.C.’s police accountability bill.

Monica Hopkins, Executive Director of the ACLU of the District of Columbia said:

“We applaud President Biden for vetoing the congressional resolution that sought to overturn D.C.'s police accountability bill and undermine the will of D.C residents. This veto represents a crucial victory for the rights of District residents to address police misconduct.

On the third remembrance of George Floyd’s murder by police, the District’s accountability bill will now become law. This legislation creates more transparency, holds police accountable when they break the law, and restricts harmful practices that have led to severe harm and even death. It will significantly improve public safety in the District.

The ability of District residents to make our own laws should never have come to a presidential veto. The 700,000 people of D.C. supposedly live in a representative democracy, yet without D.C. statehood we are routinely denied our basic right to self-government because D.C. is not considered a state. As we celebrate President Biden’s veto, we also renew our commitment to making D.C. the 51st state.”