MPD Precincts
Location Address Phone (202)
1st District 101 M St SW 698-0555
1 D Substation 500 E St SE 698-0068
2nd District 3320 Idaho Ave NW    715-7300
3rd District       1620 V St NW  673-6815
3D Substation  750 Park Rd NW          576-8222
4th District       6001 Georgia Ave NW             715-7400
5th District       1805 Bladensburg Rd NE         698-0150
6th District       100 42nd St NE            698-0880
6D Substation   2701 Penn Ave SE        698-2088
6D Satellite       2839 Alabama Ave SE  583-1891
7th District       2455 Alabama Ave SE             698-1500
Park Police D-1            960 Ohio Dr SW           426-6710
Park Police D-5            1901 Anacostia Dr SE  610-8703
Capitol Police   119 D St NE     224-5151
Central Cell Block        300 Indiana Ave NW  727-4222
Blue Plains Evidence Control   4665 Blue Plains Dr SW           645-0445
Superior Court  500 Indiana Ave NW  879-1010
District Court   333 Constitution Ave NW       354-3050

If your civil liberties or civil rights were violated, you may file a complaint with our office. (Here are some answers to FAQ’s about filing a claim with us.)

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