Thousands attempting to leave their home in Afghanistan. The anticipated rollback of women’s and girls’ rights under Taliban rule. U.S. residents are desperate for news of their family members stuck in Afghanistan.

It’s moments like this in our country’s history that we reflect on our values and collective moral duty to help others. Today, with our sister affiliates in Maryland and Virginia, we have co-signed this statement offering solidarity with our Afghan neighbors and the DMV-area organizations working to support them and the refugees who settle in our region.

Our statement offers ways you can help and lists some local organizations that are working to resettle refugees.

Darakshan Raja, co-founder of Justice for Muslims Collective, a D.C.-based grassroots organization working to combat Islamophobia and dismantle the “War on Terror” said: “Justice for Muslims Collective is amplifying the work and calls for support from Afghan-led organizations. We are taking leadership from orgs like Afghan Diaspora for Equality and Progress (ADEP) and Afghans for a Better Tomorrow. Moreover for direct support, the Mustafa Center in Virginia has been providing support to refugees. At JMC, we have provided mutual aid support to Afghan refugees who have been resettled in the DMV within the past 2-3 years. Many of whom are still struggling with paying rent due to COVID-19. Please continue support mutual aid efforts as well."