Criminal Justice Reform and D.C.

February 13, 2024 @ 4:00 pm

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights guarantees our individual rights, even when up against the full force and power of the government. This mismatch of power is particularly rife within the criminal justice system. At ACLU-D.C., we advocate for these fundamental political rights of all residents of the District, whether they are stopped by the police, charged with a crime, or incarcerated. In this virtual event, our ACLU-D.C. experts walk through the Constitutional amendments that protect individuals involved in the legal system. We discuss how we have defended District residents in the past, as well as the threats to civil liberties we see on the horizon. Join us on February 13 to learn how the ACLU protects your constitutional rights and how your involvement can ensure those rights are upheld as together we create a Just and Free D.C.