In May 2013 we filed suit for Stacy Winslow on behalf of her minor daughter A.K., who was treated brutally by a Metro Transit Police officer who believed she was violating the D.C. curfew law when she was going home on the subway after a late movie one Saturday night with her 18-year-old sister and a cousin. (The curfew law does not apply to a minor who is “[i]n a motor vehicle, train, or bus involved in interstate travel.”) She was charged with assault on a police officer and disorderly conduct, but the District of Columbia dismissed the charges prior to trial.

After discovery ended, Judge Sullivan referred the case to mediation and the parties reached a settlement, which included payment of $34,000 into a special needs trust for the benefit of the juvenile, and a review of Transit Police policies and procedures regarding juveniles by an independent expert retained by WMATA. Because the case was brought on behalf of a minor, we sought court approval of the settlement, which was granted in April 2015.

Date filed

May 8, 2013