Ricky McComb was arrested on a warrant for possession with intent to distribute cocaine. At the police station, a group of MPD officers surrounded him as one told him to drop his pants and (according to Mr. McComb) then probed repeatedly in his rectum with a finger. No contraband was found. Mr. McComb was deeply humiliated by this treatment.

In January 2014 we filed a lawsuit seeking damages from the officers and the District of Columbia for this unconstitutional search. The case was stayed while the U.S. Attorney’s office considered whether the officers should be prosecuted for their conduct; litigation began when prosecution was declined.

In May 2016, we moved to amend our complaint to add a claim of inadequate training and supervision against the District, because we learned through discovery that the police department had received a dozen complaints about similar misconduct by the same officers and had not adequately investigated, disciplined, or retrained them. The court granted the motion in August 2016.

After further discovery, we went to mediation in March 2017 and settled the case. Dismissal papers were filed in April 2017. 

Date filed

January 14, 2014