We filed this lawsuit in May 2013 for Tiffany Hall on behalf of her son, a small 14-year-old who was placed in a chokehold, punched, pepper-sprayed, and arrested by Metro Transit Police officers when he walked away from a fight they had broken up in which he was the victim. We alleged that the officers then falsely arrested him and charged him with assaulting a police officer—charges that were dismissed by a Superior Court judge at trial. Our complaint also alleges that seven weeks after the incident, in an attempt to justify their actions, the officers created “Use of Force” reports claiming that the boy had reached for one officer’s duty belt.

After discovery, we settled the case for $15,000. Because the case was brought on behalf of a minor, we sought court approval of the settlement, which was granted in August 2014.

Date filed

May 8, 2013