In 2008 the ACLU of New Mexico served a subpoena on the White House Office of Presidential Advance in connection with a lawsuit in New Mexico alleging discrimination against anti-Bush demonstrators during a presidential visit to Albuquerque. The Bush White House moved to quash that subpoena, arguing that it was based on speculation and that they were just too busy to respond. Assisting our New Mexico affiliate, we intervened in the subpoena litigation and filed an opposition to the motion to quash in June 2008, showing that there are many facts from both this and other incidents pointing toward the Office of Presidential Advance as the culprit in such incidents. The court heard argument in July 2008, but had not ruled as of September 2009, when the new administration agreed to provide us with some useful materials. The ACLU of New Mexico withdrew its subpoena and the government dismissed its motion to quash.  

Date filed

June 1, 2008