We have a lot to share this week. 

In addition to rolling out our snazzy new website and new name (did you notice? We’re officially the ACLU of the District of Columbia now) we are releasing a know-your-rights guide for anyone coming to demonstrate in DC during inauguration weekend.  

We’re so pleased to have partnered with Law 4 Black Lives, Black Lives Matter DC, and four other local organizations to be able to give citizens vital information to navigate interactions with law enforcement.

You can download and print it at home here: acludc.org/demonstrate.

The guide includes information on permitting, the many different types of law enforcement a person can encounter in DC, suggestions for how to interact with law enforcement, and information about what to expect in the unlikely event of an arrest. The ACLU is printing 10,000 copies of the pamphlet and will make them available to the public through partner groups.

We know that DC police are generally pretty good at knowing their role at this type of event, which is to facilitate demonstrations, but at this time of heightened tension, it’s important protesters have a thorough understanding of their rights.

We’re also encouraging demonstrators to videotape officers. You can download the Mobile Justice App here. (acludc.org/mobile) Anyone who believes that they have witnessed a civil rights violation can complete an incident report and send it to the ACLU-DC for review, along with their contact information, for follow-up.

Make sure to download the guide and mobile app and share them with your friends & family coming to DC next weekend.