Deadline date

Ongoing Basis

The ACLU of the District of Columbia (ACLU-DC) is seeking mental health care providers for limited and/or occasional contracts. We are seeking to build a list of mental health care providers whom we could contract to provide services for specific clients and other individuals.

Organization Background

The ACLU-DC is an advocacy and legal services nonprofit and is the local branch of the national American Civil Liberties Union, a national nonprofit organization devoted to the protection of civil liberties and civil rights through litigation, legislation, and public education. The ACLU-DC works primarily on issues that directly impact people who live in, work in, and visit the District of Columbia, and also on challenges to certain federal government policies and practices where they fall within the jurisdiction of the D.C. federal courts.

Statement of Purpose

ACLU-DC recognizes that defending civil liberties, in court and in public policy, requires working with individuals who have experienced traumatic violations of their civil rights and liberties. In many cases, our work asks these impacted individuals to relive, in court, media appearances, or other venues, what was one of the worst experiences of their lives.

The mental health care providers will provide limited mental health care to our legal clients and other community members who share their personal experiences in the course of collaborating with us. Services are intended to be brief intervention support provided on a limited, short-term basis.<

Scope of Work>

Depending on how many providers we identify, providers will be vetted and authorized, and will be approached individually to schedule services depending on availability. We anticipate these services being needed 1-2 times per month. Several months may go by before individual providers being used.

When scheduled, the services required may involve the following:

  1. Intake of new client
  2. Treatment of client before qualifying event, such as testifying in a legal case.
  3. Stand-by and ongoing support during and after the incident.
  4. Referral to long-term care (as needed). Services will be provided based on the contract signed.

Selection Criteria>

Proposals will be evaluated on the overall quality of the proposal and alignment with the ACLU-DC objectives. Criteria include:>

  1. Holding an authorized license for counseling, therapy, or mental health services. Possible qualifications include: licensed psychiatrist (MD or other license); licensed counselor, licensed social worker (LICSW), etc.
  2. Proof of current malpractice insurance.
  3. Experience or specialty in treating individuals who have experienced trauma.

Submission Instructions

Proposals will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. Please submit proposals via email to If you have questions or require accommodations, please also email Nathan Warner at

Proposals should include the following components:

  1. Firm and/or consultant qualifications and experience.
  2. Explanation of experience in treating individuals who have experienced trauma.
  3. References who could verify experience. (Not prohibitive—please note if this is not possible.)