On May 9, 2018, Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Officer James Lorenzo Wilson III shot and killed D’Quan Young. Ever since, his family has tried to learn why and how this happened. Despite the Young family’s multiple attempts to access this information, MPD waited years to show them body-worn camera footage of the incident and, even now, the Department is still withholding important records.

On April 28, 2021, the ACLU-DC filed D.C. Freedom of Information Act requests with the Office of Unified Communications, Metropolitan Police Department, and Office of the D.C. Auditor to ask for information regarding Mr. Young's death.

OCTOBER 2021 UPDATE: The D.C. Office of Unified Communications, the Office of the D.C. Auditor, and the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) all responded to Ms. Young’s FOIA request, and, while Ms. Young has received some of what she requested, she has not obtained all of it. In particular, MPD, though producing some of the documents Ms. Young sought, has failed to provide significant portions of the requested records more than five months that have elapsed since it received the request. The ACLU-DC intends to continue its efforts to press MPD to fulfill Ms. Young’s FOIA request.

Date filed

April 29, 2021